Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby's Birthday

I was asked by a few people if Garland had a nice birthday.  The truth is, this kid has been happy for pretty much every single day of his life so far.   His birthday was no different.  He was happy, we were happy.  A year with this sunshine kid.  It has been one helluva sleep-deprived year, but I really won't complain about that because one smile from this baby-child and I'm willing to forget that sleep was ever a luxury that I took for granted.  If babies were pinatas (don't read into that too much), he'd be filled with jelly-beans.  Yeah, I guess I'm done being sappy.

We kept it super simple.  His first time wearing shoes, eating baked goods, opening (a few) presents, and a very low-key birthday picnic the following day.  It was just right.  And yep, he's sporting some Croutons shorts that I nabbed in a recent facebook sale, and yep, that's a Croutons rabbit too.  If you are dying of envy, do yourself a favour and go and like Rhiannon's facebook page so that you can stay in the loop.  Worth it.


  1. Jana and I are saying 'oooh' and 'ahhh' alot....so sweet. Look forward to talking to you in the next few days to hear how it all went. xx

  2. LOVE. Isla's first baked good was her first birthday cake. She got shoes too, but they didn't fit yet. Happy Birthday Little Mr G!!!
    (and totally love the croutons goodness too x)

  3. Happppppy belated birthday, sweetest little Garland. I do love your shorts, but I love your smiling face the most. Let's hang out this year, aye? Mollie would love to chill with you. xx