Saturday, January 12, 2013

From Max

My final advent gift was so very, very beautiful.  I'll be honest, I really felt like it was just too stylish for my home - which has prompted me in a journey to make my home a tad more stylish.  I can't stop looking at it and we light a candle inside it most nights, but I'm saddened by the way that all my other possessions seem to swallow it up and make it invisible.  That is the way with clutter.

At the moment its permanent home is on the windowsill, until baby hands are safely in bed, curled and sweet and nowhere near such precious possessions.  I gaze at it and I make plans to drop big sacks of no-longer-wanted-or-needed items at the local opshop.  Thank you Max, both for the gift(s) and for the motivation. x


  1. It is absolutely beautiful
    Thank you for joining me with this swap I hope you loved it as much as I did

    I cleaned out my craft room of craft books today and donated them to Laura (Hootnz) for her local library

  2. It's utterly beautiful Stella. That Max has got good taste. Less really is more sometimes. We've had a mega clear out of our sheds/house over the last couple of weeks. Our stuff has been well and truly whittled (spelling?) Our local op-shop is choca our house is not. We are starting afresh with less, and what we've kept is starting to shine. It's good.

  3. yes I am hearing you on the de-cluttering front. I hope you can come and meet Max she's absolutely delightful in person and her accent is SO charming.

  4. We're on the decluttering bug, too. (Seems like everyone is? The op shops will be overflowing!) Quality over quantity : ) And that vase is defo quality, so lovely!

  5. Just gorgeous - that Max is a gem. so are you! :)