Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Newlyweds Survival Kit (and a big fat 'happy Love Day' to you all)

In a few days time one of my longest-time, dearest friends is getting married.  It's a pretty big deal round here.  Our little gang our childhood friends will all be bridesmaids and I'm currently working on my speech (gah!  Bit scared!).  It will be a very special event for all of us, which is why I felt super disappointed that I was unable to attend her Hens Night a few weeks ago. To make it up to myself I poured all my energy into making her a heartfelt wedding gift.  A lot inspired by the Advent Swap, and also a recent post by Megan of Mousehouse, I bring you the Newlywed Survival Kit!  This is a ten part gift, one to be opened on each day of their honeymoon.  Some of the gifts are a little bit cheeky, hehe ;-) 

Day One
Inspired by this post of Megan's, the Newlywed Survival Kit contains: Calendula Seeds (Sow what you wish to grow), Panadol, Love heart chocolates, a mini lighter (C'mon Baby, light my fire), tea bags, Ural ;-), A mini camera, heart shaped foil cases, band-aids, an eraser, breath strips and lip balm.

 Day Two:
 Mini champers and straws, inspired by this lovely gift from Max.

 Day Three:
Honeymooner badges (handmade using vintage style stickers, cardboard, glue and safety pins) and an aged map leading them to a secret destination, complete with an embarrassing activity (dressing up in costumes for a LOTR photo - a reference to our youthful days of mutual LOTR obsession.  I wonder if she's mentioned that to her future husb. yet...)  NB. at the time of taking these pics, I hadn't finished the map yet.  Just saying.  It looks much cooler now ;-) Also, I have since rubbed out the pencil lines on the badges.  Yup.  Left everything till the last minute.  Nothing new there...

Day Four:
 I thought I'd cut them some slack after the previous day's expedition.  Fortune cookie soaps and new wash-clothes (I had hoped to personalise these but ran out of time).

Day Five:
A packet of embarrassing photos (fortunately I managed to track some of the Groom's shaming photos down too), with memory prompts so that they can share a little bit about their past selves with each other.

Day Six:
I'm willing to bet that the bride will be feeling a little traumed/scared by now, so the next few gifts are pretty tame.  I made a Lover's Lap Quilt (I'll share an easy tutorial for this soon), big enough for them both to snuggle under while they watch a movie together.

Day Seven:
And while they're snuggling, some hot chocolate mix and a USB stick loaded with sappy movies.

Day Eight:
 A Household Diary/Notebook, with pens for them to customize the cover with, and a weekly planner.  They will move in together for the first time following their honeymoon, so hopefully this will be a useful/fun way to get into the swing of managing a house together.

 Day Nine:
I based this simple illustration (yep, one of those quote prints) on a game the six of us girls used to play when we were younger + full of dreams and aspirations for the future.  I'll be honest, many of those dreams included hunky Misters that we would be hanging out in exotic locations with.  Now that she's found her forever Mister, I thought this would be perfect.  The flowers are based on Mexican embroidered designs, for this Mexico-lovin' lady.

Day Ten
 Just one more embarrassing gift to remind her of what sort of best friend she has.  The pregnancy test will be springloaded so that when they open it (on the plane, as per instructions) it bursts out of the package and causes much hilarity (for me - though unfortunately I won't be there) and embarrassment (for them, obvs.).  P&P is one of her fave novels of all time (mine too for that matter), & I figure she can stash these two gifts away for when they are needed, a few years down the track...

I reeeeeally love this book, and must get a copy for our babes... (Purchased for cheap from The Book Depository)

I had so much fun putting this gift together, just the sort of thing we would have done for each other in our school days.  

Extra note: I had lots of ideas that didn't make it into the parcel, but I thought I might share some of those with you, in case you are inspired to do something similar (can be adapted to suit any special occasion, for instance, if an awesome blogger you know was turning 30 in June, and you wanted to send her 30 amaze-pants gifts *gigantic-exaggerated-wink*).
  1. A book each, to read during their holiday.  I actually found a sweet old Agatha Christie novel (one of her faves) in an opshop, but had no idea what to give the groom to read so eventually flagged this idea.
  2. Personalised mugs, like these cute ones via A Beautiful Mess.
  3. House-warming gifts - prettied up.  Paint a broom handle pretty, or summink.
  4. Items/instructions for a time capsule that they could bury at their honeymoon destination.
  5. Vouchers to a restaurant or some fun adventurous type thing.
  6. A book of vouchers that they fill in themselves, and give to each other.
  7. Cute baby booties to make them feel really clucky and therefore more motivated to join you in parenthood-land.  V. important.
  8. Embarrassing costumes/disguises for them to wear in public, with instructions for places that they must be photographed in front of.
Etc.  The possibilities are limitless. In fact, just a couple of these on their own would make quite fun gifts.  I have a funny feeling this won't be the last of this style of gifting from me either.  Yeah, I could easily get quite carried away with this...


  1. Awesome! We put together a kit for some newly weds a few years ago- its was really fun buying things for them to go in a nice box.
    Where did you get the P&P book from????

    1. Have just updated! I got it from the book depository, love it!!

  2. Loving this, what a wonderful friend you are, she will love this, I am sure.

  3. You know you must win the best friend ever award right? I love these - so cool :o)

    1. ha, thanks! Not sure about that, but hopefully this will make up for missing her hens!

  4. This is SUPER awesome! You do realise how cool this gift is right? After all it's the thought that counts and this must have involved A LOT of thought! Just thought you needed to know how cool you are!

    Also - I MUST buy that book - I'm collecting up a bit of a wish list at Book depository, thanks to you ;) Jenny x

  5. This is, hands down, THE coolest wedding gift I have ever laid eyes on. No kidding. AMAZING.