Monday, March 11, 2013

Book review: For the kiddos

So I volunteered to be our Playcentre Librarian at the end of last year, which was really just an excuse to BUY LOTS OF PRETTY BOOKS, WAHOOOOO!!!  Yeah, it was pre.tty. exciting.  I chose books that were already favourites, or that were written/illustrated by favourite authors and illustrators.

Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring - Gerta Muller.  Um.  favouriteeverintheworld.  I came across these at a Steiner Playgroup down in Hawkes Bay, and instantly fell in love.  Each board book covers one of the seasons, in a series of absolutely gorgeous illustrations that hark back to the simple joys of childhood (with no text - love!).

Sidenote: I haven't yet delivered these books to PC, and Eleanor pores over these almost every single day. 

The Heart and the Bottle - Oliver Jeffers.  Well, who doesn't love Oliver jeffers!  This is such a poignant and beautiful book.  A little sad, but with such a gorgeous message.  I've watched grown-up humans shed a tear or two reading this book.  Pretty beautiful.

I Want My Hat Back - Jon Klassen.  This one was a bit of a random pick.  I really liked the cover so I took a punt, and BOY!  I frikkin' love this book so hard!  At first I thought it might only appeal to grown ups (it doesn't have a complex or 'adult' message, but is hilarious in a way that I doubt many kids would really get), but Eleanor recites the entire thing, and genuinely loves it.  So. Much. Cute.

This Moose Belongs To Me - Oliver Jeffers.  This is a pretty sweet book, though I doubt I'd be rushing to add it to our collection - the story didn't grab me massively.  I would so frame that cover for my wall though.

The Rabbits - John Marsden & Shaun Tan/The Red Tree - Shaun Tan.  I'm sure most of you have already come across these, but for those who haven't, they are amazing.  Really amazing.  Yeah, they are probably a little bit intense for Playcentre, which I realised a little too late, but they carry powerful messages and have stunning illustrations.  I already own The Red Tree, and it's a bit of a prized book.  Soooooooo beautiful.

I Spy Treasure Hunt - Walter Wick & Jean Marzollo.  Who doesn't love an I Spy book?!  This one is my total fave, filled with miniature scenes and vintage toys. 

My First Little House Books - Laura Ingalls Wilder & Garth Williams.  I'm a totally huge fan of the Little House books, and I couldn't help but try to sneakily convert all those little Playcentre children into Little House fans.  We have a couple of these at home, and they are very popular.  I can't wait to read our little guys the chapter books in the soonish future.

I ordered a couple of others but they arrived later than these and therefore missed the photo shoot.  A book by Tasha Tudor made it to the PC library, as did one of the Charlotte books (reviewed by Sweet Little Library Girl), and Little Miss Austen.  For updates on all the loveliest books out, go and follow Sweet Little Library Girl's blog, I have discovered many amazing books through that bookish lady x

This isn't a sponsored post, but just so you know, all these books purchased from The Book Depository:


  1. Little house on the Prairie were my absolute favorite books as a girl;)

  2. What a lovely selection. Lucky you! I've never seen the Gerda Muller books before, may have to be my daughters first birthday present, thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Librarian! What a cool playcentre job! Our centre is not big enough to need one of those, but if we ever do then I'm totally using these suggestions when it comes time for her to buy new books - way cooler than the Maisy and Dora books we have!