Thursday, March 28, 2013

Curvy Style Friday

Outfit Details: Cardigan - JeansWest, Singlet - Glassons, Skirt - Asos, Sandals - Ezibuy, Bag - Handmade by my Mama, Brooch - White Square (gifted), Heart Locket - My Grandmother's.

Because we live out in the countryside now, we kind of have to save up errands and get them all done on those infrequent 'Town Days'.  This is what I wore on one such Town Day this week, where we hit the library, the lawnmower shop (exciting! :-P) and did our Easter Bunny shopping.  I dressed for comfort, but loving this bright red skirt - such a simple way to perk up an outfit! (Note to self: Must teach Zan to use the camera focus correctly...)

I love a low-maintenance outfit, especially when I get to accessorize with some favourite items, including the sweet brooch that my bestie sent me (which was only recently unearthed after our move, almost a year ago), and this cute bag my Ma made.  I also accessorized with my current read - Game of Thrones, Book Two.  Yep, I'm a nerd.


  1. I love these posts too and reeeeally love the skirt. I must be a nerd too as I'm up to book 4 of Game of Thrones... so far it's not as good as Book 3 which was my fave : )

  2. Love this outfit. The bag is lovely too.

  3. I love this outfit and the fact you have Zan taking blog photos :) Watch out Hoki you are looking very stylish!

  4. Great outfit Stella (love the brooch too and you've just inspired me for secret project I'm undertaking!). Thanks for sharing with WW :)