Saturday, March 2, 2013


1. A little bit of fairytale, in real life.
2. 66 years old!
3. Summer skin.
4. Newly thrifted.
5. At the races.  Another yearly tradition.
6. "Parkin''.
7. Avidly watching the horses and sporting her cute  Heartfelt bonnet.
8. "No Thoroughbreds".
9. Boy-boy and his Poppy.

Joining up with Em at The Beetle Shack.


  1. The light in your first photo is so beautiful - it is just like a fairytale! I love the joy and vividness and business of living in your photos!

  2. number 9 = best.

    also, we were gutted to have missed the western weekend thing AND the brumby day thing!!
    jada's dreams are made of such events!!