Saturday, March 16, 2013


Some end-of-summer stills.

1. During our 'boulders on the beach' walk.  She wanted to climb onto it, but felt pretty unsure once she was up there.
2. Waiting for fish and chips.
3. Heading uphill after our visit to the rock pools.
4. Cute kids, playing in the curtains at Mani-Ma's.  I cannot resist that little hand silhouetted against the white.
5. Um, mangroves?  Perhaps?  I don't know.  I just love macro.
6. Mermaid and friend.
7. A new bestie (the hand-holding was not staged).

Joining in with Em of The Beetle Shack x


  1. Such an AMAZING photographer you!!!!!!!! These are breath taking! xx

  2. These are especially beautiful....number 3 of the path.

  3. Gorgeous stills, Stella. You have captured much beauty.

    Lovely to stumble here from Em's blog.

    Sar x

  4. BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!! Popping in from the Beetle Shack weekly stills. So enjoyed your pics!!! Happy Week to you!

  5. AMAZING photos Stell! As always :)
    I pop over here every week to see those beautiful kids growing up bit by bit! Miss you guys so much xxx

  6. looks like a lovely week, what a beautiful collection. That first photo is an absolute treasure See you tomorrow for another one :)

    thank you so much for linking up, always a pleasure to have you

    xo em