Wednesday, March 13, 2013


That awkward moment when you spend aaaages saying goodbye to someone, and then moments later you turn around and they're still there.   "Oh, hi Summer!  You're.... still... here..."  I'm  not complaining.  Or at least, I know full well that I shouldn't be complaining.  BUTWHYISITSOHOT?!!!!!   I'm a rational human being.  I am aware of the seasonal version of grass-is-always-greener.  I know that come wintertime I'll be all like WHYISITSOCOLDINEEDSOMEWARMNOW?!!!!  But it def doesn't stop me from feeling deeply not-in-love with this relentless heat.  And am I wrong, or is it actually getting hotter?  Because, you know, global warming and that.  Are we all about to diiiiiiiiieeeeee????  Totes joking. But really, are we?? 

We visited a pretty epic beach yesterday, I'll show you those pics soon.  It's an unreal place, very different-worldy.  I climbed my way across the sand and was all like, "it feels like we're in the Sahara Desert", and I tried to keep the complaining out of my voice and make it more of a conversational, observational statement, rather than a blatant whinge which it actually was.  Once we reached our destination, a spa-shaped rock pool, I attempted to channel a more zen-like attitude.  For a while I was like, "woooooow, look at where we aaaaaaare, it's so beeeeeaaautiful."  The others seemed to be genuinely having a really neat time, and I, remembering a refrain my hippy brother used to use about 50 times a day, was "choosing to be happy."  And yet the minute there was a tiny suggestion (accidental on their part) of going home, my bags were packed quicker than you could stub out a cigarette, baby was in his backpack, and we were heading back up that fun ole steepy steeeeeep hill.


So.  If you are a summer-lover and feeling shocked by the feelings I've just relayed, don't get me wrong.  I love summer.  I love it when it arrives after a chilly, relentlessly rainy winter.  I love the first crisp smell of it.  I love the first waft of sunblock, and the delicious novelty of summer fruits.  It's just that, there's only so much beachy-sandy-sweaty-packing-unpacking-stickyicecreamoneverything-thousandthingstodoallday-toohottodoanyofthem that I can deal with and still feel chipper.  I mean, like, let the other seasons have their moment to shine, Summer!  Meanwhile, my kids are so happy, lapping up every second of this sunny weather.  I could really take a leaf out of their book.

And now, I guess it's time to pack our things and head off to another sweltering playcentre session.  "Choose to be happy."  *SMILES*  Thanks bro x


  1. Thanks for the laugh. Try not to melt today.

  2. I completely get what you mean. Im not winter cold person. Especially down here in Canterbury (why didn't my parents factor that in when moving here!?!?!?) , but I agree, this summer has been soooo long.

    My whole body feels like the "grass" outside out windows. I feel withered and dry, sharp and pokey and like I need a good soaking!

  3. It sure has been a summer to remember! I went for a walk the other day with the thought of taking some autumn photos, and there was no autumn. Everything was still com plete ly summer. It actually feels hotter now than it did a month ago... hmmm... I hear you :)

  4. you aren't the only one. i've been sick of ANOTHER trip to the beach for about a month now. Kids, dog and hubbie love it. bring on some rain....

  5. I'm with you sista. Yesterday I was more tolerant, more happy, more relaxed it was fantastic. Couldn't put my finger on why (kids were still busy as, hubby was late home, etc etc, no good reason to be feeling extra good) until I realised it was the first day in about 4 MONTHS I haven't been HOT AND SWEATY AND GROSS AND GRUMPY.
    Yes I am excited.

  6. I hear ya! I'm ginger, enough said :)

  7. I'm with you - I LOVE summer, but I am OVER this heat. I am such a grumpy bum at the moment, and I think that is part of it.

  8. Uh huh...i have cracks all over my garden from lack of rain and the heat does make everything that little bit harder, tempers seem to fray faster in the dry heat and its harder for the small ones getting (and staying) to sleep when it is so stifling. The last two days we have had a reprieve, it is definitely cooler and threatening rain. I HOPE, hope hope it does! (She says, eyeing up my water tank!) I found myself gazing lovingly up at some clouds yesterday. I have been graceful. But frankly, being good and graceful all the time is exhausting. It's whinge time! x