Sunday, April 21, 2013


This month, our Correspondence Kindy items were all about animals.   We received library books with an animal theme, a CD (to keep) full of tunes about animals, some library puzzles and music, and a couple of games to keep.

The keepers included these animal puzzles (way too easy but cool nonetheless) and some little animal cut outs to play with.  I really like the illustrations.

You know, it's so much fun doing this with Eleanor.  Sure, I have to fill out a few sheets of comments, and there is always far too much cutting out to do, but while Garland naps, we sit down quietly together and get to work.  It's so companionable, and she is always so much happier for it.

And it's not really about trying to teach her really important things.  They're just nice, simple activities.  Painting, playing, listening to music.  Things we do anyway, but it's nice to do it more intentionally.  Plus, there's a fairly strong possibility that I will homeschool these guys for a few years, in the absence of a Steiner School in the area, so it's a nice gentle way of practicing.

And extra bonus, we can do it in our p.j.'s.

Joining in with Miriam for Becoming The Mama I Want To Be.


  1. surely learning in PJs is the best kind of learning altogether! That and learning in the kitchen to the smell of home baking x

  2. Nice one! Did you go to Steiner?

    1. Yes I did, and I'm desperate to send my kids to steiner!

  3. This looks great! Loving those animal cut outs.... x

  4. Doing it in a onesie would be even better! ;)

  5. Such a great learning time - for you both!

  6. Ha - any activity done in the PJs is a goodie