Tuesday, April 23, 2013

BlogCon Goodies #1

To kick things off on Workshop Saturday, Justine of Redflax Creates gave me this gorgeous name badge (and a couple of other goodies - next post).  I intend to hang this on my wall, which is less egotistical than it sounds (I just reeeeeally like this badge!).  Soon afterwards I could be witnessed rummaging through my goodie bag frantically.  Some v. cool stuff in there:

Aside from what you can see above, there were some food items (naturally they have long since disappeared) and a couple of magazines.  Awesuuuum!!  Go and check out this list of sponsors, they were truly generous!

As I mentioned on facebook, Emma Makes donated my fave item - this notebook and pencil.  Love it!! And that candle from Rose In Thorns smells pretty darn divine!  That twine and fabric bundle from The Make Cafe was a bit of a favourite too... In fact, there wasn't anything that I didn't like in that goodie bag.  Everything was awesome!

On Saturday evening, the lovely organisers presented all the speakers with one of these gorgeous Mudbird Ceramics brooches.  These were made out of liquifaction, so they are a small piece of Christchurch (and kiwi) history too.  Pretty spesh.  Sweet packaging too (and Gillian herself was such a sweetheart)!

And tomorrow I'll share the lovely things I bought while I was down there.   And soon there-after, a quilt made by Deb x


  1. Such lovely things :o) Love that name badge I have my ones up on my wall in my sewing room/

  2. kinda jealous that you got a Roman sandal notebook! Lots of cool stuff from very generous sponsors! That pita bread was the basis of my Sunday night dinner.

  3. VERY generous sponsors
    And I am officially in LOVE with Mudbird Ceramics stuff! I WILL be purchasing!

  4. Awesome goodies and love that name badge!