Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BlogCon Goodies #2

I don't know how I managed it, but I made a few stealthy purchases during the BlogCon weekend.  Between those, and the gifts that those Christchurch bloggers continued to give me, I'm not sure how I managed to sneak my luggage back onto the plane.  I also took home some 'souvenirs' from C1, just quietly.  Because, how cute are those sugar packets? (not sure what to do with them now that i have them, but whatevs).  And the saying on that pencil was a repeated refrain (in my head) the whole weekend!

Justine from Redflax Creates gave me this cute handmade headband, and a big jar of homemade jam.  Yum!!  She also gave me a few other gifts while I was down there, because clearly, driving me all around Christchurch for the entire weekend just wasn't kindness enough!  Seriously, Justine is SUCH a gem, with a heart of gold (at the end of the banquet dinner, she collected up all the leftover pizzas and delivered them to a homeless shelter).  I feel so lucky to have met her.

Miriam, definitely the hostess with the mostess, made this super cute necklace for me!  And left it on my bed, along with a jar of homemade peanut butter.  And perfectly folded towels.  And a wee chocolate bar.  Welcome to the Create Hope Inspire Hotel!  Srsly, love that lady.

I made just a few little purchases while I was there.  Some fabric and wooden buttons (gifts for my Ma) from The Make Cafe.  Some handmade handkerchiefs (also gifts) from Genevieve Robinson.  And this a.dorable necklace from Sly Fox.  At least, it was a necklace.  Until it met my son, the vandal.  I'll fix it soon, though I don't see the point in wearing it until he has moved out of the vicinity of my boobies.  Just sayin'.

My little raccoon pally!  Loooooove him!

And finally, a gift for my daughter, who I missed more than I'd expected to.  Sidenote, as I was touching down on Sunday night, and waving out the window to the other half of my family (who, miraculously, could see me and were waving back), I burst into spontaneous and unexpected tears.  I don't think the other passengers quite knew what to make of me (coupled of course by the fact that I had a sleeping baby strewn across my lap, and was surrounded by bags and quilts and posters and C1 sugar sachets).

This adorable print from In My Backyard (Louana bought my other favourite, though I could've bought all of her prints).


  1. I had that same experience seeing my sister when we walked into the Korean airport after flying out of London on the day of the thwarted bombing attempt :o) Love all your goodies but love you more xx

  2. plane tears = love
    PS. knew you'd love Justine and I've only meet Miriam once but she is one in a million that gal. So welcoming.

  3. What gorgeous gifts you received. You all sound as though you had the best of times together.

  4. Love the goodies - especially that raccoon!!!!