Thursday, April 4, 2013

Curvy Style Friday

I had a tiny online shopping frenzy following my facebook sale, and this dress was purchased during that time.  It took forever to get here, but was worth the wait.  I love it!  The only annoying thing is that it's one of those dresses that kinda needs to be ironed, and I'm kinda not the ironing type of girl.   So.  Wrinkles.  But lets be honest, running around with two toddlers is going to result in a wrinky dress anyway, amiriiiight?!

Outfit Details:  Cardigan - Jeanswest, Dress - Urban Outfitters, Stockings - Asos, Shoes - Kmart, Necklace - Whimsy & Grace, Rings - Urban Outfitters.


  1. So cute! And yes, meh to wrinkles! I was just saying to someone the other morning that I've resigned myself to the fact that my clothes will not ever be entirely clean until all my children are at school - maybe. They always have either a smear of food or snot on them somewhere... I figure wrinkles are the same!

  2. If something will need ironing, I tend not to buy it. I refuse. Hahahaha.

  3. if it's going to wrinkle it will get wrinkled on - save it time don't iron - that's my policy..... or Juliet's policy is an iron is a power tool therefore a 'mans' domain!!! ;o)

  4. Gorgeous! Even if you did iron it, it would wrinkle after you'd sat down for a bit, so may as well not bother!
    Love those rings!

  5. When you wash hang it out dripping wet on a coat hanger. Smooth it down and pull it into shape.
    As it ages the fabric will soften a bit and when you wash it and when you wear it there will be softer wrinkles. This is particularly true for linen, especially quality linen.
    But it still works for cotton.

  6. Love the washing tips above! Congratulations on being featured on the NZ Blog Collective FB page today too. Thanks for sharing with WW xo