Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Little Farmer Big Dreams - A childrens book review

Recently I was contacted by a very sweet reader, who asked if I would be willing to review a book for her.  Um, yes please!  The book was illustrated by her, and written by her dad, which had me smitten from the start.

Little Farmer Big Dreams is a sweet little story about a little boy with huge gardening dreams.  Tom wants to grow the biggest pumpkin ever, and failing that he is happy to grow the biggest potato instead.  The Little Farmer, reminded me very much of my nine year old nephew who often throws himself into a new projects with the same amount of vigor.

In fact, I think that this story would really suit that very age-group.  There is a good amount of text to keep young readers interested (possibly a little too much text for my guys, but we will save it for them to enjoy when they are older), and a relatable storyline for those enthusiastic young folk who love getting stuck into a good project.  If you have an aspiring gardener, or you would love to spark an interest in gardening in your young people, this story would be a fun and creative way to set a challenge.

Sarah's illustrations are very sweet, and give a lovely flavour to the story.  It's a very fun little book, so thank you Sarah for sharing it with me!  Looking forward to the gigantic pumpkins it will inspire Eleanor to grow in future years *wink*

If you would like your own copy of Little Farmer Big Dreams, it is available for purchase here at Amazon.

Keep in touch with the author, Thomas P. Clemmens, here on his facebook page.  And Sarah has a totally gorgeous blog over here at Attic Lace x

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  1. This is so wonderful Stella:) Thank you so much for the sweet words! So glad you enjoyed the book!