Wednesday, April 10, 2013

PicMonkey Tutorial #1 - Fake Skiing Memory!

This was the first image I created, so I decided it would be the first tutorial too. This was kind of my test shoot, and at first I wasn't convinced at all.  BUT, a few PicMonkey edits later, I was SO stoked with the result!  Here's how I went about it.

1.  Before I got the kiddo involved, I set about making cardboard skis.  I didn't want to spend ages doing this, as I knew there would be quite a few photo-shoots to do.  A bit of cutting, sello-taping and and sharpie marking later, and I had a pair of skis!  The back drop consisted of two white sheets - one pinned to the wall and draped over the bed, and the other covering the floor.  It might've made things easier in the editing stage if I'd ironed the sheets - but as previously mentioned, I don't do ironing.

2.  When the set up was ready, I got E dressed as quickly as possible.  The whole reason for the ski shoot was based on the fact that we had this cute hand-me-down ski suit in our wardrobe, which was a total score.  These types of things are quite regularly spied at op shops too.  She's also wearing a thermal top, hand-knit hat, gumboots, and a pair of my sunnies.

3.  This next step might not be necessary if you've ironed your sheets.  I used iPhoto Retouch, but the PicMonkey 'Wrinkle Remover' does a similar thing.  Blur out all the wrinkles on the sheets, but make sure you keep the edges of your subject crisp and clean.

4.  Upload your image to PicMonkey, and select 'Effects'.  I used 'Dusk' and faded it out a little bit before applying changes, but try some of the other ones too, until you find your fave.

 5.  From the main menu select 'Textures', and choose 'Light Trails'.  Play around with the fade button and move the light trail around if you like.

6.  Click on the 'Themes' button (down the very bottom) and choose 'Winterland'.  Using the 'Snowball' effect, choose the amount that looks best, and apply it.  You can keep applying more layers until you get it too look just right.

And you're done!  Now you can tell your kiddo how many fun adventures you used to take them on, and when they say, "I don't remember going skiing at dusk!" you can just show them this pic and give them an 'I told you so' face.

I'm gonna share a few more tutorials when I get back from the conference (one more sleep!).  Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll try and address those too! x


  1. This is awesome
    Look at you and your cleverness

    See you tomorrow

    I'm in midst of packing
    3 of us flying down tonight
    I think we are first to arrive and last to leave :)
    Time to make as many new friends as possible I say

  2. love pic monkey and you've inspired me to do something creative with it!

  3. Totally ace, i cant wait to try this, i might go for a snowboarding look as claud still to young for ski school this wintet :-( also want to do a movie starlet look, maybe in b & w, and a kayaking one to surprise her kayaking dada. The possibilities are endless really!

  4. Hee hee, that's priceless! Love it!

  5. awesomeness. I really need some photo editing tutoring! Congrats on the win BTW :)


    Are all those effects you've used the "free" ones or are you signed up for "deluxe"?

  7. So clever! Will have to go and have a play!

  8. Bahaha - I would say 'I told you so' and my girl would come up with a million "But, but, but Mum"s. Pinned though - rad rainy day activity!

  9. Thank you for sharing all the steps.

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