Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reward Chart system...

Along with the kids lunch boxes and personalised drink bottles, Stuck On You were kind enough to send us this personalised reward chart for Eleanor.  There were actually three charts in the pack, along with a huge sheet of stickers (some of which featured her own name - very exciting for a three-year-old!).  The 'pink horsey chart' was immensely popular from the moment of unwrapping, and has continued to be one of the most useful things to enter this household.

I've been wanting to start a reward system for ages.  Eleanor (like all kids) responds so well to positive reinforcement, and I knew it would be a good way to refocus us all on celebrating (and aiming for) success.  E gets a sticker when she does any of the following: shows kindness/sharing/caring to her brother, helps to tidy up her things without being asked, finishes all the 'yucky' bits (vegetables) at dinner time, or shows in some other way that she is making a real effort to behave well.  For instance, she was a total champ at the doctors clinic the other day.  Sticker.  

Eleanor chooses her own sticker, and then we count off how many more she needs before she can chose a prize.  She hasn't seen my prize stash (above), but she knows that I have a few collected in a little jar on top of the fridge.  When she finishes a chart, she gets to chose a prize out of the little jar, which will be replenished as we go.  When she really gets into the swing of this reward chart thing, we'll make it a little harder for her to earn stickers, but for now we are doling them out fairly frequently to keep her feeling encouraged and enthusiastic.

I'm pretty excited about those prizes myself, and I know that she is going to flip out when she sees those little torches (I actually bought those - and the tiny glue sticks - to fit in our plastic easter eggs.  Sadly they were too big...).  I feel like my mum, with this little mini version of the ever-epic present basket!  The Coin Save store has never held so much temptation for me!  But at the end of the day I am most excited to see that my three year old is slowly moving out of that scary toddler-tantrum phase, and learning to behave responsibly (in relative terms of course) and thoughtfully.  Just a few nights ago I called her over to chose a sticker following tidying up time, and she replied, 'not yet Mama.  I just have to put these things away first.'  I pretty much melted into a puddle of shock/pride/love right there on the kitchen floor.

I'm truly grateful to have been sent these charts by Stuck On You, it propelled me to action something I have been meaning to do for aaaages, and the results have been so immediate and awesome!  Eleanor is totally over the moon about pink at the moment, and a long-time fan of horses (one of her first words), so it couldn't be more perfect.  Check out their range of charts here, if you are wanting to kick start your own Reward Chart journey x


  1. Look at that prize haul! Can someone start a rewards chart for me? I'll be good, promise!