Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sponsor Feature: Olive & Pimento

I discovered Olive & Pimento through a friend who had fallen in love with their wax seal necklaces - and it wasn't long before I had too.  I'm a sentimental girl, and the sentiments behind these necklaces are very lovely.  My personal favourite - the Bend, Don't Break necklace, is such a beautiful reminder that even in those darker moments, we have the strength to dig our roots into the ground and weather the storm.  I would totally choose this Spirited Horse pendant for Eleanor, because, you know.  She's my brumby.  I love giving gifts like this, ones that will be treasured right through childhood and adult life.  So lovely.

Olive & Pimento are a New Zealand business, based in Auckland.  I love the way they describe themselves - "Olive & Pimento are merchants of unique treasures and a place where pretty things live." Having always been a treasure seeker myself (I used to walk the pavements with my eyes to the kerb, in case some stray treasure had been abandoned there - sometimes I lucked out and found a marble, or, on other days, a bottle cap), I totally dig that description, and heartily agree that the pretty things do indeed live there.  

Olive & Pimento specialize in beautiful jewellery, quirky and whimsical temporary tattoos, gorgeous journals and lovely, high quality skincare products (keep an eye out, I have a tube of Tainted Love TokyoMilk to give away soon!).  They also offer free NZ shipping for orders over $125, and free Aus shipping for orders over $200.  Yay!

Keep up to date with Olive & Pimento via their blog, Twitter, and Facebook.   It's a pleasure to have this beautiful store sponsoring my blog, do pop over and gaze upon all those pretty things!


  1. Oooh thanks for the links, I'll have to check it out! x

  2. Gorgeous store! A little out of my usual price range, but perfect for a super special gift etc. Also, pretty in love with Tattly so it's cool to see a NZ stockist. : )