Saturday, April 6, 2013


1.  We're still having some perfect, suuny days, even though the temperature has dropped some.
2.  Not my favourite bird, but it was fun to snap one this close.
3.  Kinda looks like she caught a little seagull with her bare hands.
4.  Yeah okay, this is the last seagull photo.  Also my favourite.
5.  The beginning of the book journey.
6.  Multitasking chap.
7.  More weekend treats (for me).  A morning coffee, a good book, and a snuggly bed.  And THIS is why I love Autumn.

Joining in with Em of The Beetle Shack for Weekly Stills x


  1. Love that black and white shot of the seagull. I'm also loving the one of G with his gumboots on his hands and the way the shadow is falling on the ground in E's shot - I must crank up my camera, I'm realising I take far too few photos of my babies. Thanks for sharing snippets of your life.

  2. & how cute is that running outfit.
    The days here are beautiful too. with a bit of a chill at night.

  3. Those seagull shots are amazing (as are the rest!)

  4. oh wow!! I love that b&W shot of the seagull. AWESOME!

  5. Stunning photos! You can feel the warmth in the first few photos at the beach. What a talent you are!

  6. just fantastic, I love the b&w one x

  7. I totally dig the seaside images. The light quality is amazing, and favourite bird or no, the seagull images are great! Well done, and happy to run into you here, too! (found you first via projet 52)