Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Handmade Series: Pikselmatic

Pikselmatic is a happy new discovery of mine.   Our walls have been quite bare since we moved in here, but due to landlord stipulations we aren't to put any nails, or too many drawing pins in the walls.  Initially we conducted a few experiments with 3m hooks, and after the third picture frame came crashing down, we all but gave up on having wall decorations.  Still, I was determined to work out some kind of solution because wall adornments have always been a crucial aspect of nesting, for me.

What I love about Pikselmatic (apart from the rad designs and amaze-pants prices), is the fact that I can stick them up on the wall with all the security of knowing that I can reprint them should they come to any harm.  Map pins and Washi Tape are perfect for these prints, and even though I love the look of a framed print, having these unframed better suits our current needs.  When we eventually move, I will definitely frame both prints because I'm totally smitten with the designs (I chose the Custom Penguin Cover Print, and the Geometric Mountain Print).  I may even print them out a little larger.  Because I can do that.  :-)

Mikey has a whole range of awwwwwesome designs, all at mega affordable prices.  These prints arrive in your e-mailbox as a PDF, and can be printed out at a very low cost (I think I paid about $2.50 for each, printed onto 300gsm cardstock).  The Penguin Cover is a customisable print so I had fun (and just a tiny bit of pressure-related stress) picking one of my favourite comedic lines, and I'm pretty much stoked to have a print on the wall that simultaneously references my love of both literature and comedy.

While I will always love vintage decor, I love mixing in some modern designs too.  And quirk.  Love the quirk.  Here are some of my other favourite prints - Death Star Printable, Art Materials Print, Geometric Triangle Print, & the Custom Typography Print.  If you want some cool and budget friendly prints for your wall, do go and have a look!


  1. Oh those are soooo cool!! I love that idea. Will go have a looksie

  2. I've seen a few of their designs and stumbled upon then once or twice - pretty cool!

  3. i FELL OFF MY CHAIR at Gob Bluth on a penguin book.
    you are a brilliant genius.
    now i need to watch some AD...

  4. Pretty much want to fill the boys room with Starwars prints. So, so good. Thanks for the heads up!

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  6. Hi I was wondering where did you get yours printed? They look super nice! I purchased 2 but I wanted to know where I could get them printed to look like posters. Thanks!