Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Autumn Cleaning!

Sometimes if I look at a messy corner enough times, it ceases to exist.  Truly.  Or well, okay, I just cease to see it.  Handy in some ways, except for that moment in which you realise that your visitors will arrive in half and hour, and your house is a lot more untidy than you thought it was.  A surface clean isn't going to even touch on some of the areas of clutter.  

Aside from the whole clean-my-house-quick-so-that-no-one-realises-I'm-the-world's-worst-housekeeper (I don't think anyone was ever fooled) dilemma, I have lately been finding that the clutter is getting me down.  It's hard to relax and feel cosy in a house that has messy corners everywhere.  Even shutting the door on mess just isn't enough sometimes, and I've found myself insanely desirous of cleaning and de-clutter every single corner.

Sloooowly but surely getting this house under control.  I was particularly pleased with my First Aid Kit reorganise - a container for 'Bumps & Bruises', 'Colds & Flus' and 'Other Ailments'.  Also stoked to see my wardrobe in order, and the linens tidied and sorted (and folded adequately).  We still have far more pillowcases than we could ever need, but those colours please me.


  1. Your first aid boxes are INSPIRED!!! Brilliant!! I think I need to do this. My pregnant eyes are focusing on mould ev-er-ywhere. And I'm SURE my house is not that filthy. RIGHT!?!?! Its seriously getting me down. How am I ever supposed to have a baby when there's mould on the windowsills??? I think I need to just get to it and work my way through the house, rather than just randomly doing an area on a random day!

  2. oooh i struggle to fully relax with things to tidy and jobs to do! Often I go on a "rampage" for a hour or so after which I feel significantly satisfied to sit down with a cuppa :) Well done you - good luck with the spare room!

  3. I could have written this post. The clutter is getting me down big time. AND I am tackling the spare room now. Have to, Isla's moving in there, so Eloise can move into her room. It is a big mission. I am semi-obsessed with plastic bins and snaplock bags. The organiser in me loves it. I CAN NOT WAIT until it's done.

  4. Ahhh this collector vs. tidy dilemma is one I am quite familiar with. I've learned that the issue of quantity can be assuaged by clean organization via labeling and nice bins/containers. I often rotate things on display in our home. When I tire of looking at something, It goes into the attic for a while, and then will reappear months later or maybe next year when it feels fresh again.
    I am absolutely swooning over your linens..all those prints and patterns!! Yum...
    Happy cleaning! The feeling at the end is well worth all of the tiresome effort;)

  5. oooh you sound like you're a woman on a mission. I've been doing the same but muuuuuch more slowly!

  6. Im hoping, when we move into our house this weekend I will just unpack and put IN the house the things we need or love. I am so tired of clutter too. I hope this gives me a chance to not take in what we dont want in there. Most of our stuff has been packed away for 2.5 years so Im guessing we won't need it all... here's hoping!

  7. Doesn't it make you feel wonderful when it's done? I feel very satisfied and much calmer now my house is organised and clean. AND over the years I've gone from mega hoarder to ruthless de-clutterer. It's marvellous. Now to train the next generation in the art of 'less is more', that should be interesting...