Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Autumn Day at Playcentre

On Tuesday we threw a last minute 'Autumn Day' at Playcentre, before we ran completely out of Autumn days...  It was fun and easy, and time absolutely flew.  We didn't even manage all the things I thought we might get done.

There was lots of Autumnal painting going on, and leaves floating around everywhere.  Zan made pumpkin soup for our shared lunch, and even came to Playcentre for the day which was a total novelty (I didn't know what to do with myself).  It was crazy stormy outside, but cosy (and still quite crazy) inside.  Every now and then the storm would just stop, and all of the kids would pile outside for a play.

For someone who sometimes struggles with the craziness of Playcentre, it was really nice to have a focus.  It was still crazy, but it was fun crazy.  Next week we're going to have Stripes Day.  Fun!  Any ideas for stripey food?  Oh, and thank you to Rhiannon of Toast & Life, whose Weekly Theme Dinners totally inspired this!


  1. Stripey food! "watercolor striped toast"
    Cut toasted bread into fun shapes, "paint" with milk tinted with food coloring, rainbow colors!
    Used to do this as a kid. loved it

  2. Sounds fun! Stripey food... you could cut up red and green apples and lay them skin up, alternating on a plate? Same with rows of carrot stick and celery or cucumber or something else that's green. Or not orange, really...

  3. Love this. So stoked people are being inspired by our little missions.
    Striped food:
    -Pizza! Lay the ingredients in stripes!
    - make biscuits and buy those little icing tubes and see if the kids can make stripes on their bicuits? Or have strips of liquorice to lay on top of the icing?
    - if someone has a panini press, then you could make toasties on it (leaves grill lines on the toast?)

  4. Love the Autumn idea - I love celebrating the seasons.
    For stripes how about zebra cake?