Sunday, May 26, 2013

Curvy Style (Monday)

I thought I might make it here earlier, but a combination of flat camera battery and bad weather has put me way behind schedule.  Never mind.  This is yesterday's outfit.  I had hoped to post last night, but instead I found myself sewing!  It's been a long time since me and my sewing machine hung out...

This dress was sent by Euphoria, and can be worn a number of ways.  Really, this seems to be the way of their designs, because I have found both pieces they've sent very versatile.  So great!  I wore it as an oversize tee on Sunday, when we headed out to meet Papa for coffee.  Casual but pretty.  I have worn it as a dress too - with tights or jeans.  Easy to dress up, or in this case, down.  A winter staple, I think.

Outfit Details: Willow Top - c/o Euphoria, Infinity Scarf - c/o Gertie & Baxter, Jeans - ASOS, Chucks - Thrifted, Bracelets - from India (gifted).

Loving this Infinity scarf too, sent by Gertie & Baxter.  Another piece that can be worn a number of ways, and because of the design, the colours can be rearranged too.  I chose grey for this outfit, but often I wear it with more green visible. 

Do you have a favourite multi-tasking piece?


  1. love the top, it's like a painters smock!

  2. dude, HOW do you get the goods sent to you?? So great.
    Hey, Overland, feel free to send me some leather boots anytime...

  3. Gorgeous outfit, and so flattering.

  4. I'm with Dee, ohmygoodnessyouarethequeenoffreestuff. Teach us, oh masterful (and beautiful!) one.

  5. Really loving this outfit Stella
    You rock curvy style!

  6. Love the top! Gorgeousness!!! Would love to see it as a dress as well! oing to check out their website now. And loving the scarf! Very cool!