Wednesday, May 15, 2013


April was just a bit too crazy in some ways, and I was in no way prepared for how much quieter May would be.  I guess there's always an expectation that life will slow down as the weather cools, but we're in a weird interim at the moment, between the anticipation of a very busy June & July just around the corner, and this super quiet month of May.

This month has been made quieter due to a bunch of lurgy outbreaks in our hood.  Whooping Cough and Strep Throat, of which we are quite keen to avoid both.  So we have been laying low, and nursing our sore throats and sniffles with utmost care (and doctor visits, to be honest).  I have also, very recently (as in yesterday) decided to give up sugar.  Which makes life feel very boring indeed.

I want to say that I am loving the slow pace, and I'm totally living in the moment yada yada yada, but... I'm kinda not, that much.  I think that I am much more of a people person than I realised.  I think that I feel more energized when I have a good balance between social and solitude.  I think, also, my kids might be a little bit the same.  Because boy oh boy.  We've had some times.  

In the meantime, we are spending lots of time at my Ma's house while she's away (actually, we have literally moved in and set up camp), and try to pop down to the beach every day, and I'm trying to find it really exciting to sit on the sand for ages while they play.  And I consider it a huge success if I can convince myself that I'm having as much fun as they are, but if I'm honest, I feel pretty relieved when I know that we're all ready to head home (even though the journey home is always the hardest bit).  I think I need to take up crafting again.  For reals.


  1. crafting = sanity
    Love you xo

  2. yes I so get that - I find just watching intently on the sidelines really hard....really hard xx

  3. Love your honesty, thank you. This post is so refreshing xx

  4. Love your post Stella.
    I gave up sugar for 16 months and recently succumbed to its evil ways again (thanks Mr Whittaker for making yummy dairy and gluten free chocolate!). So I might join you on your journey as I sooo need to do it again.
    We are coming up to Northland this weekend but its a really quick trip for my sisters 40th. Otherwise would love to visit you. Lets make a plan for the next school holidays?

  5. Year you re the busy April - freeking nuts. And now the slump... Just keep swimming, just keep swimming :)

  6. Noice. Fab pics (as always).
    You have a very pin-worthy existence, ya know.

  7. I find when I stop crafting I get, well really down. Crafting is great therapy! Lovely wee ones as always xx

  8. Ha! Garland - looks like he has spied someone up to naughtiness in that first pic - classic. Sounds to me like you need a portable crafting option....crochet?

  9. oh man, days/weeks of lurgies with little ones can feel like f.o.r.e.v.e.r aye.
    Hope everyone gets all better soon as. And yup I fully believe not using YOUR super amazing talent every single day is crime!
    I want to come visit and hang on the sand with you....

  10. here's a crafting idea - make raw garlic necklaces for your kids to wear AND keep the whooping cough away! winwin.
    (it *could* work you know. in fact, i might write a book on the theory and get rich. yup)