Friday, May 31, 2013

May's Story

Farewell Autumn!  We are into the heart of the year now.  Do you the same way?  Summer is so much about the outer layer - the sun and sea against your skin.  Winter cuts right through all the layers.  Time for hot soup and snuggling down and lighting the fire to warm the heart of your home.


  1. I always love your monthly round up, so beautiful X eee hello winter!

  2. I love autumn and winter. And spring. Me and summer, well, we used to be buddies...maybe we'll make up one day xo

  3. Such golden light in your wee part of the world. Hey if you scroll through your photos you have Garland with the cheekiest toothy grin and then a label saying 'Moonshine' *chortle*

  4. I'm not so much a summer person
    I love winter if I'm warm and snugly
    Autumn and spring are my favourites