Monday, May 27, 2013

Reviewing: Gooie Trolley Bags

Recently I contacted Gooie to see if we could write a review for their gorgeous Trolley Bags, which are the cutest kids suitcases I've seen.  We were thrilled when they said 'yep!', seriously, such cute luggage!!   We let Eleanor help choose, and boy oh boy was she stoked the day they arrived.  Like, jumping up and down and dragging that Trolley everywhere not to mention how many times we had to look at it on the computer, before it even arrived.  

So with our ridiculously cute suitcases in tow, we figured we'd go on a few adventures.  Some of the Seven Wonders of the world?  Sure!  Eleanor was an eager traveler, and more than willing to pull her Trolley Bag with her everywhere she went (she would take it to bed with her if she could).  She left her bro in the dust.

Stonehenge was cool, but still couldn't compete with her love of the Ladybug Trolley.  A quick look and then she was ready for the next Wonder.  I'm not sure if Garland even got a look in, he was still too busy trying to decide whether to push or to pull his trolley (pushing just seems much more fun!).

A Pyramid!!  Most people would be blown away by this!  Most people.  This was the point in which  one child (not naming any names), thought that perhaps the other child didn't actually love their Trolley Bag quite enough, and that it might be an opportune moment to claim ownership of both Trolleys.

*Chortle*.  What larks!

Eventually the wayward traveler was collected, and they made their way towards the final destination, an abandoned child-sized castle (which, would you believe, was just at the end of our driveway all along?)  Hurrah!  

I foresee that this is only the beginning of their travels abroad (earlier adventures seen here), and that these Trolley Bags will serve them well on all of their future adventures (specifically in an upcoming adventure to that Eighth Wonder of the world - Auckland ZooSure, why not?!)  We are thrilled to have such sturdy, well-made, and seriously ca-yute kiddo suitcases to take along with us.  Just have to convince Eleanor that the Trolley Bags have a practical purpose, alongside being fun toys, apparently.

On top of this, Gooie sent along this super sweet ladybug Toiletries Bag.  It's super cute, super handy, and is about to be filled with loverly pampery items for a wee adventure next week (more soon).  Can't wait!!

Thank you Gooie!  And do go and check our their totally adorable range of bags and suitcases.  So many delicious options!  I've also been keeping in touch with them via facebook, and saw a sneak peek of their new design.  It's very cute!

Kids Outfits: (Eleanor) Hat by Heartfelt, Jacket by Big Little, Tights handmade by me, Gumboots - Skellerup Red Band.  (Garland) Hat by Heartfelt, Jumper - thrifted, Pants - hand-me-down, Gumboots - Vintage Skellerups.


  1. You're such a crack up Stella. If those bags could talk, what stories they would tell.

  2. Thank you for the introduction to these wonders.

  3. Another fab review! Go you!
    Off to check out those bags...

  4. so cute!! I am really enjoying these reviews and the way you do them:) The kids look so sweet, the outfits and the suitcases! <3 What fun

  5. Your so amazing Stell, i love the castle at the end of the road! Those suitcases are sooo sweet!

  6. You are killing me with extreme cuteness!!!!

  7. Love the luggage but seriously am in awe of the Big Little coat !! !! !!

  8. oh so so very clever. what sweet photos. xo

  9. Cool review Stella! ooh and I spy a wee "Big Little" coat there :) xx