Saturday, May 25, 2013


Just a few stills from this week.  We had some ups and downs, but mostly it was a lovely week.  

1.  A tower of Story Blocks.  We spent some time making up stories, and Eleanor came up with some adorable suggestions.  What a cutie. And don't forget that Jessica is offering a discount on all of the lovely toys at Mama May i. 
2.  Afternoon light through my new scarf.  It was pretty.
3.  Dance lessons.  We probably won't go back.  It was freezing cold in that room, and was just too similar to Mainly Music to warrant the extra expense/long drive.  But it was really cute to watch, and so cool to see how confident she was, even in a new setting.  And she looked a dag in those thrifted jeans.
4.  Not only did I cave and order a custom doll for Garland.  I also caved and gave them their dolls waaaaaay before their birthdays.  Srsly, this baby doll is the sweetest.  Garland has named him Bubbub and loves him to pieces.
5.  Despite all the lovely toys at our house and at Ma's, these two decorative chickens (Ma bought them to decorate her Chicken Coop with) and their rock 'eggs' will entertain them for hours.

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