Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Handmade Series: Mama May i

Firstly, this shop!!  

So The Handmade Series is all about sharing some of my favourite designers and crafters, and Mama May i is right at the top of the list.  I've written at length about how much I love wooden toys, the simpler, the better, and Mama May i ticks falls neatly into my favourite-types-of-toys-everrrrr box.  There is too much to love, too much to covet!  The little wooden boats, the Welcome Bees, the most lovely and incredible of all - Rainbow Village Blocks!!   Yeah, tooooootally lovely. 

We were lucky enough to be sent some really sweet games from Mama May i, which has been so much fun.  I've been doing Kindy-at-home with Eleanor for the past month or so, and these games perfectly slot in to our Kindy time.  This Make A Match - Forest Friends game has been a particular hit, and she's actually a bit of a whiz at it.  I adore the animal prints, and the discs are soft and smooth and just lovely to hold.  After a game or two, Eleanor will happily sit and organise all the animals into pairs, and (if I'm lucky) sit and play with them for a time.  So cool when a toy provides several different options for play.  Yup.

We were also sent a Story Starter Kit, which I think will be even more effective as she gets older.  This is something that I was really keen to add to our collection, for lots of different reasons.  We have played a few times, by rolling the dice one at a time and taking turns adding to a story, and it's really fun to see how she stretches her mind to come up with suggestions.  I think it is so important (and hilarious) to encourage and nurture a kid's ability to create stories.  Such a great way to support literacy without actually pushing them to read or write...

I love the way the kit is presented too, in a cute little tin with a pen, notebook, suggestion card and instructions.  Perfect for presents, perfect for kindy or school-at-home.  Kinda just, perfect.  I can imagine this being a perfect travel game too, rolling the dice and creating a story together.  Or seeing who can spot an item first.  Yet again, optiiiiiions!!  'Swhat I'm talking about people!

If you are anything like me, you will fall madly in love with Mama May i and the amaze collection of toys they sell.  And yay for you if you do!  Mama May i is offering $10 off any purchase of $50 or more (excl. shipping) for all of my readers!  Booyah!  Get some Christmas shopping out of the way nice and early!  Just use the coupon code GOLDENADVENTURE at checkout, up until June 16th.

On a side-note, do you have any particular toy philosophies?  Tell me about them! x


  1. I love wooden toys. I had a huge clearout a couple of weeks ago of all the plastic things that really don't get played with. Have just had a look at the Mama May i shop and have seen so many toys that would be great for gifts and my boys. The prices are great too. I was on a Steiner toysite the other day and nearly passed out over the prices! xo

  2. these are beautiful toys, thanks for bringing them to my attention. we don't have a toy philosophy as such although we try to have as many natural or at least wooden toys as plastic. at the moment we get claud to tell us her fave stories from books-of course she can't read yet, but her interpretations, the detail she remembers that is important to her and the made up stuff/interpreting whats going on in the pictures is just hilarious, we love it!

  3. OOOH. I had not seen this shop! Looks fab!

  4. I try to have a toy philosophy (usually totally undone by gifts) I try and stay away from any fad toys and plastic with lego being the exception, with a focus on toys that need some imagination! It's funny my kids have lots of toys but they seem to spend most of their time drawing and painting!

    I love wooden toys! These are amazing, I love those picture dice.

  5. I've fallen madly in love - so awesome! We try to keep "rubbish" toys to a minimum and go for quality over quantity. We'd prefer it to be solid, and long lasting, and encourage learning. Books and toys always become part of storytelling and imaginative play. : )