Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Twenty Ten

So in a few short weeks I will be celebrating my 30th birthday... Wow!  I have to say, I feel pretty proud of the things I've achieved over the past 30 years, and there is no existential I-don't-wanna-be-thirty crisis in sight.  I will look back on my twenties with fondness (the title of this post is just a cute joke a friend made when she turned the same age), and not a touch of sadness.  My twenties have served me well, we've had fun, buuuuuut.... bring on the thirties!!  I think they're gonna be even better!

Me, at some younger age (and a cute wee Rosa-May)

So, to celebrate.  I am lacking time/energy/enthusiasm to organise a big party right now.  I may have one later in the year, but for now I am focusing on a birthday celebration that involves a whole lot of really lovely things.  An adventure, some pampering, some extremely lovely treats, and a whole bunch of family fun (and maybe even a date with my fella).  It's gonna be a bit epic, and I'm pretty much bringing you all along for the ride (but maybe not on my hot date, mmkay?!).  And at the end of it all, if you've survived the millions of posts I have planned, I will hold another lovely giveaway for y'all too.

Does that sound okay?  Wanna celebrate my birthday with me? xx


  1. I'm all for celebrating - especially such a beautiful and talented woman xx

  2. excellent, i like it when you go posting crazy!

  3. Happy birthday :-)!

    Gosh - your daughter is the spitting image of you at that same age... I could have sworn that the photo above was her at first glimpse!

  4. Woooooop 30 is awesome. (Or, at least, I'm telling myself that - it'll be my turn next year!) Look forward to seeing what you lovely peeps get up to!