Tuesday, May 21, 2013


During the Whooping Cough outbreak, things got pretty quiet around here.   We all did our best to isolate our babes and keep the outbreak contained, and I'm happy to say that my kids have remained Whoop-free so far (touching wood as I write).  A consequence of the isolation is that we all felt a little lonesome round here, and I have personally vowed to ensure we do plenty of socialising this coming winter.  I love the down-times, but a good balance of both is ideal for us.

So yesterday we had about the busiest Playcentre session I've been to all year.  It was a bit cray, but we did come up with some fun plans to make the upcoming sessions a little more fun.  The first of these was inspired by Rhiannon of Toast and Life, whose themed dinners have me totally smitten.  In our PC meeting, a friend and I managed to convince everyone that regular theme days would be a cool way to make Playcentre more exciting this term.  Next week we are kicking off with an Autumn theme, and we have been gathering ideas since then.  I'm thinking about making Pumpkin Soup for shared lunch, and will dress my kiddos in Autumnal colours, for sure.  I will also read all the children this adorable book (well... not much actual reading to be honest).

The second thing that came out of our meeting was a bit of a Playcentre makeover, which I'm secretly very excited about.  Our centre is pretty cluttered and run-down, so I think a bit of freshening up would be awesome.  If you don't mind, I will be sharing some of the things we do on this blog, including the collecting of ideas.  

Finally, yesterday I made the spontaneous decision to enroll Eleanor in dance classes this term (provided she enjoys the classes, of course).  A number of her little friends are in the class, and the prospect of an upcoming dance recital was more than my cuteness-alert-sensors could cope with.  I'm not too worried that she is a term behind many of the other kids, I think that will just make the dance recital even more cute and hilarious than it's already bound to be.  Now to find a Soccer club for her to join.


  1. cute - a little effort makes things so much more enjoyable for everyone. PC is awesome x

  2. Love it love it. Love PC although I always sigh a lot about it, and it's quite a lot of work and the kids are TOTES CRAY and it's tiring. But I do love it.
    ALSO love the leafy ideas! AND love the idea of E at dancing!!! So cute!! I nearly enrolled Isla at dancing but in the end we went with gym. Maybe dancing next year.

  3. Love the autumn'ess of this post

  4. Our local PC has just had a much needed makeover to thanks to the generosity of local grants. New paint inside and out and some much needed lino. Makes such a difference. I've decided to try and be more social this winter too. I tend to hibernate. But with busy boys it will be good to tire them out as often as possible. xo

  5. We used to have weekly themed days at PC. If we couldn't think of one, we'd go with a colour.. green day, red day, purple day etc.. Some other goodies I remember : Wheels Day, Rainbow Day, Jungle Day, Hot Air Balloons etc

    Happy Times!

  6. So many gorgeous ideas! it's going to be a wonderful occasion no doubt! And the dancing - doesn't matter - they pick it up quick and it still makes a mum's heart gooey to watch them at it!

  7. We have a theme each term at our playcentre - we base out activities and our outings around it. Sometimes it's more sucessful then others, but my fave so far was the term we did a different country each week - mmm international foooooood.