Friday, June 28, 2013

Feeling Nesty...

I haven't been spending quite so many hours on Pinterest lately.  It just got to a point where it felt a little overwhelming.  I mean, I'm very grateful for what we have - but all those light-soaked beautifully dressed apartments, with their effortless mismatched cool...  It made me all too aware of the fact that our home never looks even remotely like that.

Beyond the normal layer of childrens toys and random-household-items-that-find-themselves-in-unusual-locations-usually-the-bathroom (oh hi there Empty Marmite Container, sitting on our toilet windowsill - not exactly where I expected to see you), I just generally felt that our home and it's furnishings weren't stacking up.  Even tidy, the house felt cluttered, and somehow un-cared-for.   

We are in the slightly unusual situation of living in an unfinished home, that doesn't happen to be ours.  The unfinished bits are not for us to finish.  The lack of door handles, curtains, and top coat paint (not to mention the invisible deck that several doors lead onto) can cause some frustration (hello Garland dipping his hands into the toilet - on a daily basis), and there's also a general feeling that less-is-more when it comes to adorning these walls.  Which has made me a little nervous about adorning them at all.

But we are really happy here, despite these little niggles, and at long last I have decided to abandon my Pinworthy-apartment-styling aspirations and just warm this house up, our own way.  With the help of washi tape and 3m hooks and the occasional thumb tack, I am gradually adding colour to the walls.  The curtains will forever plague my evening comfort (aesthetics-wise), but having added some woolen lining they are at least warm now.  And who needs door handles anyway?  So what if my son makes toilet bowl soup?  Big deal.  At least it distracts him from eating cat biscuits.

Some details:  Crocheted stones by Louana of NZ Green ButtonsBall Vintage Blue Jar c/o Pop Roc Parties, vintage framed bird prints - gifted, bunting - handmade, cushions - gifted & thrifted, alphabet cards designed by me...


  1. It really is very interesting how little credit we give ourselves... I can honestly say I always look at photos before I read and today I looked at your photos and LOVED them. Then pinned a few:) THEN read your funny because I see minimalism pulled off in a warm cozy way...small treasures laid out in a carefree, but visually beautiful, way. Your style and your home is lovely and totes pin-worthy Stella! (you just can't see it;)

    1. Thank you Sarah!! Such a lovely comment, I'm so grateful to hear you say so xx

  2. it looks so lovely Stella. xx and I can tell you some very terrible stories about one of my sons and the toilet and toilet brushes - oh it makes my toes curl to think it - but he's nearly 5 now so I guess no long term harm has come of it!! xx

  3. Love your style .. it reminds me of my sister's style and feels so cozy and quirky and I LOVE it!! And lovelovelove the alphabet cards!! They are awesomeness xo

  4. When I look at those white on white houses I just think of the dusting.

  5. When I see those white on white Pinterest houses I just think of the dusting.

  6. Oh dear - it cracks me up about the toilet bowl soup *teeheehee*, but yeah I look at my completely threadbare sofa and sofa with no covers at all because they literally disintegrated in the wash aaaaaaand I make another cushion :D I want to give you some Zen-ish quote about it, but really I understand the renting a place (in my case a house that's falling apart) and just having to make do because that's your option. You're new cushions are fab by the by. x