Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Welcome to the cutest review ever...

Okay whew!  The cute bit is out of the way and now we can talk business.  Actually, I'm thrilled to share a review of Freeset because put simply, they.are.awesome.  They are one of those businesses we all need to know about, a dedicated business doing some absolutely incredible work to support victims of human trafficking.  In their words:  

"At the center of our philosophy is a commitment to the women having choice over their own lives they can choose to leave the trade and work at Freeset instead. Because we are a sustainable business which provides employment along with training, we ensure that their decision to leave the trade is sustainable. In this way we avoid the often painful process women face when they are removed from society and then must find a way to re-enter it."

Freeset and the women they employ, make a wide range of bags (including custom ones) and tee-shirts (organic and fairtrade), all of which enable these women to find a source of employment that they can be proud of, that doesn't exploit them, and that allows them to gently re-integrate into society.  These are women who were forced into employment they never chose for themselves, and thanks to Freeset, now have the option to choose their own occupation.

Freeset sent me a number of awesome items, including this bag you first saw here.  I use it every day now, and love both the design (it goes with everything) and the sturdy construction.  It's quite nice to step away from gigantic baby bags for once, and wear a bag that is just for me (even if it still has a nappy or two concealed within).  They also sent me the super sweet make-up bag above, which I totally love. Very cute, and very useful, both of which seem to be cornerstones of Freeset's designs.

Not to mention the cute factor of seeing Zan and Eleanor in matching Freeset tees!  These are silky soft and I'm thinking will make perfect canvases for some tee-shirt art at some stage... Better get my craft on!

If you are stuck for gift ideas, Freeset are such a worthy business to turn to.  You will be helping yourself out (they are seriously affordable also), and you will be helping to employ these amazing women, survivors who have been given an incredible opportunity to work in such meaningful employment.  Also, 100% of the profits go directly back to Freeset.  Triple-win!


  1. too cute!! Loved learning about this brand. Being HUGE fan of super soft Tee's , I need to shop!

  2. good for you Stella. I love freeset stuff and have a bit of it in my collection. They are an amazing company

  3. I remember Freeset in it's origins - they used to just make canvas style tote bags. So glad to see how they have developed, introduced new products and are still going strong. I will have to check them out when I next need a wee pressie for someone (or that makeup bag for MEEE!) Thanks for a great review Stella x

  4. First time I've heard about freeset but love their products and really really love what they are doing for women. Great review!

  5. Awesome .. thanks for the reminder about them! I've heard about them before but they'd slipped my mind when thinking of presents for people - I'll have to go have another nosey at their stuff :-)

  6. PERFECT TIMING! Thanks to this post I've just ordered a bag as a gift to my midwife (*sniff* I never want to say goodbye to her!!) I was trying to think of something JUST like this, she's soooo ethical (saved a worm at my place the other day! and then I went and squashed an ant trail right in front of her, oops!!) and she dresses so naturally in such beautiful earthy colours, I really feel like this gift will be PERFECT for her!!

    YAAAY!!! Thanks Stel!