Monday, June 3, 2013

Kid Style - Croutons

My clever friend Rhiannon has started making kiddo hoodies, and seeing as warm tops are a little scarce around here, I couldn't put in a custom order quick enough!  Not only are these delicious pieces super affordable and exquisitely made, it's also so cool seeing her dressed in clothing that totally matches her personality.  Loving custom-made clothing!

Look at that bear fabric!!  Swooooon!!

Perfect for this little pally, who can be rather growly sometimes.  She kindly proffered her current 'camera face' for me (below).  Thanks kiddo.  And yeah, I'm still regretting that fringe cut.  If/when people ask me if she cut it herself... I nod.

Outfit Details: Hoodie - Croutons, Jeans - The Warehouse


  1. Very cool Rhiannon! LOVE IT! Did you ask for bears?? Or did she just KNOW!?

    Heehee fringe, good try Mama! x

  2. the great thing about hair is - it grows back! LOVE the hoodie, it's just perfect for E, clever Rhiannon!

  3. oh my.. :) Does this come in big people sizes?!!? Bc I love...

  4. Cute! And I spy the little tag that she's holding has Richard Scarry bears on it? So awesome! (Love Richard Scarry.) Had to chuckle out loud when I imagined you quietly nodding that Eleanor cut her fringe herself. He he he. Just as well hair grows, right? :)

  5. oh, i am in giddy love with our little hoodies we got from Rhiannon.

  6. I love Rs new hoodies. Only wish I had spare $ to order some! She's so clever.

  7. I've said it one, I'll say it again: Your kids are pretty much my fave Croutons models EVER. They totally sum up the 'essence' of my brand. Haha. Super cute - check! little bit of quirk - check! Attitude - double check!