Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kiddo Essentials

I always get a bit anxious about what I might end up leaving behind.  I know that you can buy most things if you accidentally leave them at home, but who wants to buy a new raincoat for a four day mini-break?  So wet weather gear needs to be packed, and I (only just) remembered to pack our togs too (hotel swimming pool - booyah!).  We have two cute tiny umbrellas, that will keep the rain off our noses (and probably not much else), and we finally bought ourselves a good, old fashioned stroller because I am sick to death of those gigantic prams that you can't fit in your boot, and which your kid stays in for about five seconds anyway.

I also don't want to have to buy more kiddo toothpaste while we are away, because I'm totes fussy about which kind we use.  It's Weleda or nothing.  End of.  Vit. C (we are already a bit sniffly, so this is an obvious choice) and some It's All Good healing balm, just in case.  And you know which item I aaaaalllllways forget to put in my bag?  Wipes.  Yep.  The amount of times...

Have I left anything off the list?  What are your kiddo essential items?

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  1. I always take the Bonjela and Pamol when we go away - we probably won't need them, but it's awful to be caught without them if you do!