Tuesday, June 11, 2013


So you know how you plan a trip, and you plan every little detail, and you feel sure that everything is going to be perfectly perfect?  Well, of course, with small children (and even without), this is almost never going to be true.  So instead you try and make the small perfect moments feel big enough to seep over the edges and blur the less pleasant bits (tantrums and arguments and stuck-in-traffic bits and so on).  For awhile there I wasn't sure if we were even going to fit a visit to Kokako into our trip, which would have been a major disappointment, just quietly.  Thankfully we snuck in a visit right at the end of our mini-break, and here is a little slice of that perfection:

To begin with, Kokako is one beautiful space.  I still remember it as the post office of my childhood (former Grey Lynn resident right here), and I can tell you now, it wasn't this pretty back then (or even quite recently, before Kokako moved in)!  It is such a light and ambient space, fresh flowers and cute vintage artifacts dotted amongst a backdrop of mismatched tables and chairs.  Pretty much my kind of perfect.  The blue accents tie in seamlessly with the coffee brand (and cafe name), and the eclectic mix of industrial and rustic is entirely to my liking.

The food was one of the highlights of the trip.  Zan ordered the organic kumara, ginger and capsicum fritters, and I chose a simple meal of poached eggs on multi-grain toast.  Delicious, and perfectly complemented by great coffees and yummy smoothies.  Rosa-May ordered a spirulina (The Green Goodie) and it was hands-down the best I have ever tasted.  For reals.  I gave Chemex a go (but wasn't game enough to leave off the milk).  Totally enjoyable, and made me feel a little like a mad professor, with the beaker and what not.  Yeah, I get my kicks wherever I can.

I know that if I still lived in Auckland, this would be our regular haunt, but as we don't, this will just be our favourite stopover.   Fortunately for all of us, their delicious coffee is available for online purchase here, and they even have some handy hints for getting the best out of your coffee brew. Yeww!


  1. Great cafe and the coffee.... mmmmm... glad you were able to stop in and enjoy it!

  2. I love the little soldier men!! Ultra cute!! :) Hazel

  3. How did I NOT know about this???
    My kind of place.Will put this on my "cool cafes to try" list.

  4. I'm def going to check this one out
    Is it child friendly enough for the Auckland Bloggers to get together at

  5. Eeeeeek, this place looks pretty much like cafe heaven. I'm both sad (oh, so good), and relieved (we're way too poor to go there!) that this is so far from us.
    The wire basket as a lamp shade - ohhhhh.

  6. Crikey - I lived in Grey Lynn back in the early 1990s and am only 2 -3 km away from there now but had no idea the post office had shut! I never drive up the hill :) . Must go and visit again and have some gorgeous cake!