Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mini-Break Essentials

Maybe it's because I'm a mama, and pampering myself totally hasn't been high on my priority list for quite some time.  Maybe it's because we haven't visited the city for ages, and luxury + countryside are not necessarily synonyms.  But I am preparing myself for some serious pampering this week!  Yeah, we'll only be away for a handful of days, and yes, we have a busy (and exciting) itinerary, but downtimes are going to be all about the lavender baths and chocolate treats (sugar ban lifted - though to be honest, I wasn't faring all that well anyway).

So we all have our own ideas about the ultimate indulgence essentials - and these are mine:

1.  Stella by Stella McCartney.  My all-time favourite fragrance, and perfectly named.  A splash of perfume always triggers something in my brain that says 'we're getting serious now, this is legit!'
2.  Everescents Organic Lavender Shampoo & Conditioner.  Totally divine!  I'm always on the hunt for favourite new organic hair products, and this new find has knocked all other contenders out.
3.  Eco Store Body Butter.  I'm only partway through the container I was sent.  Still love this stuff.
4.  Favourite jewelry (including this piece by Whimsy & Grace).  
5.  Select Mini Chocolate Mint Cremes.  I adore these!  So so good.  And of course, miniaturized things are always top of the list.  
6.  Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask.  I know that Dr. Hauschka products are on the pricey side of things, but they are so worth it.  This Mask is tha best - for reals.
7.  Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? - Mindy Kaling.  I bought myself this as a birthday present, and have been saving it for our mini-break (it's been hard).  Nothing beats a new book while on holiday.  Actually, the only thing that beats a new book, is a new book written by a favourite comedian.  Yep.
8.  Select Hot Chocolate.  Because, of course.
9.  Weleda Lavender Bath Milk.  Forget everything else.  This on it's own screams "I'M FEELING PAMPERED RIGHT NOW".  Really!!  That smell... Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....
10.  Everescents Organic Coconut & Pineapple Foam Body Wash.  This was a completely unexpected scent for me, but I'm kind of obsessed with it now.  Very fruity and sunshiney smelling.  Yum.
11. Clean Earth Soap - Made in Golden Bay and super delicious, smell-wise.  You may have picked up by now that Lavender is my favourite scent (lemon is my favourite flavour - in case you are curious), and I have been sniffing this packet of soap ever since it arrived in the mail.
12.  It's All Good Organic Natural Cream Deodorant.  Yep.  Cream.  Though more of a balm really (but not oily).  This is way effective, and if you are on the hunt for a natural deodorant, I just found it for you.  Highly recommend!
13.  Dr.  Hauschka make-up.  I'll be honest with you, I used to work at Weleda and we were allowed an amazing staff discount on all Weleda & Dr. Hauschka products.  This a) made me more addicted to these products than I already was (I already was), and b) has kept me in supply for quite some time. 
14.  180 Degrees Lemon Passion Melting Moments.  Told you.  Love the lemon.  Also love 180 Degrees, and we are taking some Cheese Bites, Lavosh, Walnut Oat Crackers and Oat Chrunchies with us too.  Yum treeeeeaaaats!!
15.  Kokako Coffee.  We have booked in a meal at Kokako, an Auckland cafe I have yet to have visited.  It is situated in the (previously) local Post Office in the burb I grew up in.  I'm reviewing this trendy joint so you'll see more of these guys soon!
16.  Karma Cola & Gingerella.  These are so delicious, I wish I could keep my fridge permanently stocked with both.  Made with Fair Trade Organic ingredients and with ridiculously cute bottle designs, they're favourites round here.

So these are some of the delightful items we will be taking with us on our trip.  Have you spotted any of your favourite things?  If not, I'm willing to bet that some/all of these things will be on your favourite lists before long.  Now I just need to actually pack my bags (and more importantly, decide what clothing to take...), and clean out my car...  Oh, and knock this cold out... cold... before we leave.  Yep.  That.

NB:  When compiling a list of items I wanted to take with me, I contacted some of the companies whose goods I love so much.  Thank you to Everescents, Select, Clean Earth, It's All Good Organics, 180 Degrees, Kokako and All Good Bananas, who have all contributed their delicious items to us, and helped make this Mini-Break extra special!


  1. I'm a big fan of 180 crackers too. Have you tried the savoury ones laced with chilli-omg so good x

  2. ooo I am a huge sucker for anything lavender;)

  3. GREAT list there and so pleased to see so many natural organic products!

  4. Great list there! Thank you for introducing us to an organic shampoo!