Monday, June 10, 2013

Secret Garden

On Thursday morning I met up with a long time blogger friend, and now firmly real life friend, for coffee.  We weren't sure where we'd go (neither of us are downtown Auckland kinda gals, I guess), but after parking near Britomart and walking to meet Louana, we chanced upon this lovely little hidden shopping district.  I spotted an Allpress coffee cup, and the decision was pretty much made.

Our coffees were great, and we were greeted with blankets to drape over our knees.  Cool.  It was quite  neat little shopping spot, even if the shops were too expensive for us to even step inside... Heh.

A pretty little spot, hidden right in the centre of town.  I bet it's even lovelier at night, with all those fairy lights!


  1. WOW that is ultra pretty - I must hunt it out one weekend - or even weekday on a date with myself

  2. It was SO nice to have those blankets! It was such a lovely morning too, meeting your kiddos and having a nice catch up with you! xxxxx

  3. mmm Allpress always a winner! and a cafe with Blankets to drape over your knee's for winter!!! amaze

  4. It's a photo of Louana! Now that's something you don't often see online! Geez, you're both stunners - love you guys! Wish I could have a cuppa with you gals xx

    1. it's a squinty pic too! Next time you'll have to have a cuppa with us! xxxx