Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spa Ayurda

During our Mid-Week Mini-Break I booked myself in for a pre-birthday treat a Spa Ayurda, on Ponsonby Road.  I have driven past this building so many times and this was the first time I ever climbed those steps.  I'll be honest, I was a tiny bit nervous.  I have never had any kind of professional massage or spa treatment before, and I wasn't exactly sure of what to expect.  I just knew that this was something that one does, in order to pamper oneself.

Immediately that I entered Spa Ayurda, I was offered a seat and a glass of water which was served in a beautiful goblet.  I filled in some questions about myself so that they could design a custom treatment for me.  And I waited nervously.   Moments later I found myself in a room that was imbued with candle light, pretty scents and some gentle music.

Of course, I needn't have worried.  My masseuse was vey sweet, and asked me to direct the music volume & room temperature before we started.  She explained the entire process and put me totally at ease, also ensuring that a newb like me didn't freak out over anything.  If you haven't heard of ayurveda, here is a brilliant explanation taken from their website.  I'm gonna be completely honest.  An hour and a half spent in the seclusion of a peaceful, dimly lit room, undergoing a full-body massage and without any interruptions or demands from babykids, was kinda exactly what I needed, actually.  

When we were done, I toweled off most of the oil (there was a lot of oil, but as someone who cannot stand the sensation of dry skin, this was no problem for me), dressed, and sat in the foyer where I was served a cup of herbal tea and given some simple instructions for making the most of my treatment (namely, drinking lots of warm water to flush toxins - something we are supposed to do regularly anyway).  I was calm and serene and a very different person to the nervous and anxious mama who had walked through the doors earlier.

Have you had an ayurvedic massage before?  It seems like something everyone should have done.  Not just once either, but on a regular basis.  I walked away feeling clearer and less fretful and much more ready to deal with the world.  I smiled sweetly, and little cartoon birds twittered about my shoulders.  But really, I found the whole experience just so relaxing and peaceful, I'm really dying to go back again.  #nexttime #thereWILLbeanexttime


  1. LOVELY!!! I worked at a beauty salon for a few years, I got free treatments every month - I miss it sooooo much!!!! The nails, the massages, the facials. Oh. SUCH pampering, it really does feel like little birdies twittering about doesn't it!

    1. Totally!! The first thing Zan said when I hopped back into the car was "wow, you DO seem very relaxed!" It was very noticeable!

  2. That sounds so good! I once had a hour long massage at hanmer springs. I floated out the place and promply fell asleep in my car, for three hours!!! It was the BEST sleep!

  3. Sounds divine! I love massages, my favourite one ever was at Bella Mama when I was 38 weeks pregnant with my 2nd. I was so stressed out, tired and sore and my hubby treated me to a massage. Bliss!

  4. Your blog has always attracted me and this particular post left me speechless. It is one of the best pieces of writing I have seen. Good job.