Thursday, June 6, 2013

What We Packed for the Zoological Park!

Today we are visiting the zoo!!  We are excited!

What we packed (in Eleanor's little owl backpack):

Zoo Map - we downloaded this from their site and pre-planned our route.  This was an important task for me, as the Auckland Zoo is BIG, and my guys are SMALL.  We needed to ensure we saw the most animals, with the least amount of back-tracking.  While I was there, I checked out what was happening on different days, and we picked the day that looked most exciting to us.
Activity Book - Bought at The Book Depository.  This book is totally perfect for Eleanor - with simple activities, stickers etc.
Schleich Animals - Some of our faves.  These will come along for the ride, and are bound to be the favoured toys when we return from our visit.
+ Snacks - Essential.  We will be at the Zoo for a number of hours.  I'm sure we won't get through all of this, but regular snack stops should keep us going for longer.  Our picks:  Mother Earth Deluxe Mix (Energy Boost & Berry Mix) nuts & raisins (perfect for keeping our energy up without resorting to sugar), Abe's Bagels Bites (the packaging alone makes this a fun Zoo choice - and a healthy one at that), All Good Fair Trade Bananas (naturally - you can't pack Zoo food and leave out bananas!), Mother Earth Oaty Slices Apricot (My faves!), All Good Banana Chunks (because, yum!), Arnotts Iced Animals (favourites when we were little, and favourites still, and obviously essential Zoo food), Select Vegetable Juice (such a great juice option!), Select Fruit in Jelly (definitely a treat, but a pretty good choice I reckon).  I can't imagine that we will go hungry with all that, but there will probably be sandwiches and other fresh fruit too.
+ Pocket Money - I know there's a Zoo shop, and we may just have to bring home another Schleich animal or two, following our visit.

SO.MUCH.EXCITEMENT!!   In the build-up to this Zoo trip we have been playing animal songs and reading books that feature all our faves.  I've been asking Eleanor endlessly which animal she is most excited to see (it constantly changes), and I bought that activity book so that when we get back to our accommodation we can relive some of the magic.  Yeah, this is a bit of an event for us.


  1. Have wonderful time! (How could you not with all those goodies!) Love the adorable owl backpack and the "monkey food" :)
    Attic Lace

  2. So sorry I missed you ;'( got there about 5 minutes late . . . Left note on your car - hope you got it xxx

  3. Last time we went to the Auckland zoo, we were rained out - but not before Aesop could be super disappointed that there were no snakes (he held out hope, despite us telling him there wouldn't be any!). Hope you guys saw allll the animals you were hoping to see. (And my faves, the Otters and the sealions the swim up to the glass, and do turns that even an olympic swimmer would be proud of..)