Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wild Animals

I've started thinking about Eleanor's birthday party already.  I realised not long ago that E has a really well timed birthday, because I get a bit caught up in the rainy muddy wintery-ness, and party planning is a fun way to transport myself out of it.  Poor Garland has no such luck as I am usually feeling pretty done with celebrations by the end of December, and I'm in full summer relaxation mode during January.

Might be that I start planning both of their parties this winter.  I have a few ideas.  Anyway, Eleanor's birthday theme pretty much decided itself.  There is nothing that she consistently loves more than animals, so I have plans to throw a bit of a jungle party with our own fun twist on it.

Appropriate much?!  I found these adorable, wincy animals in the zoo shop and I think they'll make perfect cake/cupcake toppers.  They are tiny and so adorable.

Anyone else start planning parties months in advance?  Party planning is so much fun!!


  1. Cuuuute!
    I'm embarrassed to say that Henry's 1st birthday party is next weekend and all I've decided is that he'll have a bear cake (he's my Henry Bear). Nothing else. Oops.

  2. yeah, totally, it's at least half the fun of a party, and means you can get the kids to help and reduce the last minute stress. the cake is always a big focus for me, and i have to have a theme or it wouldn't feel like a real party!
    eleanor looks awesome in that dress-up btw x

  3. Love that pic of E! We've got some of those super cute tiny animals too :) - I love planning little details, although I normally only do a couple of ideas from my looooooong list!

  4. Um yes! I am in the throes of planning my son's first birthday right now, but it sees to have snuck up on me! I already know the theme for my son's 4th birthday in December too.

  5. Oh, you know I do! (start planning parties three months in advance, that is)

    Can't wait to see what you come up with - your parties are always so whimsical and gorgeous.
    I'm planning our next one right now too - Miss fab is turning 9 and wants am ice skating birthday. Definitely NOT on the scale of that Carnival extravaganza...!

  6. My two are both Nov babies so now is the time I start planning :) Although as they get older I need to make sure they are certain of their themes!