Thursday, July 4, 2013

Curvy Style Friday

 Oh hai!

I want to say I was being silly for this shoot, but in all honesty, this is more normal for me than all my usual CSF posing.  Yeah well.  Anyway.   Don't you love my rosette?  I love it hard.  My adorable and ridiculously talented friend Rhiannon made it, and I nabbed it in a sale she held on her facebook page.  She really does make the sweetest things in the universe.  And also, this party.

Outfit Details:  Cardigan - Modcloth, Black singlet - Max, Striped singlet - Glassons, Brooch - Croutons, Jeans - ASOS, shoes - K-Mart.


  1. that cardigan, man. so good!

  2. Love you. Such a funny chick.

  3. you are adorable. love it. xx

  4. OH MAN - how did I not already comment on this?! I LOVE YOU. You're like the best Croutons model, ever!! Seriously, you're gorgeous. I'll keep you on the payroll. hahah