Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jelly Eggs

We had some very special guests last weekend, and I couldn't resist trying out one of the activities from Recipes For Play while they were here.

These jelly eggs were a hit with most of the kiddos (one of them was a little dubious), and Garland even had a go at the shell to see if that was tasty too.  Eventually he was forced to concede that we were right after all.

And a chance to break out the pretty china.  Because, why not?  Surely jelly eggs are a special occasion all of their own...


  1. cute! they LOVED them and your photos - oh so lovely. Reminds me of being right back with you xxx

  2. What fun! Such a cool idea:)Love the fancy china..

  3. I love the vibrant colours of the jelly against the pretty china. Looks like a lot of fun (yummy too).