Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July's Story

Oh July, you were every bit as crazy and wonderful as I expected you to be.  To be honest, as we enter August, I am feeling tired.  These past two months have been anything but the sleepy-quiet that winter sometimes brings.  But.  We are back home, and I'm back at my keyboard, and dreaming just as many big and hopeful dreams as ever.  I have a bit of a to-do list carried over from the past few months, and really need to work like a busy beaver to get things done, but I am officially scheduling some downtime too.  I could probably handle a full day of nothing-but-sleep.  Like I said, big and hopeful dreams.

How did July treat you guys?  I must say, I have missed you all this past week, tell me some news! x


  1. big hopeful dreams - I like the sound of those!

  2. July was great- we celebrated Adam's first birthday and I finally got approval to start my study!

  3. Wonderful !! /thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us!! Each click is phenomenal!