Monday, July 1, 2013

Pimp My Living-room #2

I've been wanting some new cushion covers for ages, and finally I carved out some time to whip some up.  

I bought this IKEA fabric almost a year ago, and finally decided to cut into it.  You've probably seen this design all over Pinterest already and may be quite sick of it, but I still do love it.  

I attempted to sew some bolster pillow covers in plain black, using small pieces of this fabric appliqued on to tie it all together without being excessively matchy-matchy.  Anyway, I hated them so very much.  I didn't even finish the first one.  I may just remove the applique and leave them black.

I also cheated and sewed these onto the previous worn and faded covers, thereby removing the need to attach a zipper.  Hurrah for cutting corners!

They are cheerful and as-yet unsullied by my children.  Phase one of Pimp My Living-room complete.


  1. I love them! Haven't seen the fabric before!

  2. oh I love that fabric, but despite my many visits to Ikea, ive never got my hands on any

  3. I agree, AWESOME fabric choice...lovely:)

  4. very cheerful and I love, great little booster of colour in the thick of winter - great stuff