Sunday, July 7, 2013

Snacks that are fun.

We were having a fun stay-at-home day last week, and because everyone was feeling so chipper and playing so well, I decided to make a few impromptu treats.  First of all I whipped up a green/purple (I added fresh beetroot) and served it in pretty paper cups and decorated straws.  That was a hit with E, but Garland simply tipped his cup onto his highchair tray, so I froze the rest of the smoothie and served it to him later as an ice-block.  I was determined to get that spinach and beetroot into his system, and Mama always gets what she wants ;-)

I also made these 'banana lollipops' which was a spontaneous idea that totally worked.  I spread a little peanut butter on the piece of banana, and dipped it in hundreds and thousands.  The kids were crazy about these, and it was the first thing Eleanor told Zan about when he got home.  And that, my friends, is how easy it is to make a kid's day.

Joining in with Miriam of Create Hope Inspire for BMWB.


  1. Oooooh NOM! And you could freeze those banana lollie pops too! We always have frozen smoothie iceblocks round here. The latest was kale/kiwifruit/banana :)

  2. ♥ great ideas.
    I love it "mumma always gets her way" Yuss!

  3. The banana lollipops look amazing.......will definately have to try those. xo

  4. What awesome, secret-vege-consuming ideas!