Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Handmade Series: Coffee In Bed

Oooh, it's been awhile since I posted for this series, and I am pleased to be back, this time with a super lovely lino cut by Mike Dale of Coffee In Bed.

In an effort to brighten up our living room (read more here), I have made the bold decision to pop a few thumb tacks in our walls and display some art at long last.  While I adore the artwork we have collected so far I desired some new pieces, so I went a-huntin'.  Coffee In Bed is one of my favourite new finds.  Mike's lino cuts are crisp and clean and modern, with a whimsical twist that I adore.

This piece is uber uber cool and very much a fave.  I love the simplicity and nostalgia of this design, and the sweet sense of adventure conveyed by fireflies in a jar.  While there are no fireflies for us to hunt down around here, I think I will have to take the kiddos to visit some glow worms soon.  Next best thing.

I love that these are hand-designed, cut, printed and posted - direct from the artist to my door.  And now on my wall. While I chose one of the simpler designs, Mike has some beautiful and much more complex pieces too.  These Downtown Building prints are quite divine, and this Falcon print is absolutely stunning.  And for all of those Mid-Century design fans out there, this print is for you!  

Beyond being being an awesome artist, Mike is a really down to earth and friendly guy.  I just recently checked out his blog and found that he shares some tips about printing, along with some behind-the-scenes peeks into his business.  I predict big things, and it's cool to know that I have an original piece hanging on my wall.  Getting in first before everyone else!  As a side, I think 'Coffee in Bed' is the recipe for a happy life.  Just sayin'.

I'm feeling pretty pleased with this little corner now, though I'm sure the wee vignette on the bookcase will be rearranged again and again (by little people as well as myself).  And if you're wondering, that postcard I taped up next to it is one I designed for BlogCon.  Oh happy little corner.  It's such a shame the rest of the house is so untidy :-/

Check out more Coffee In Bed prints hereand read his blog here.


  1. Love this print! Off to check out his other work!

  2. These art work works are cute . These are some handmade work that inspires others to draw their imagination on paper .

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak