Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Winter Adventures

Well... Ah, so yeah.  There's always an awkwardness about a the first post, after you taken a blog-cation.  Particularly an unplanned, unexplained one.  We've had a week of activity, most of it in the Hawkes Bay.  I'll share some of our adventures here, but will try to intersperse them with current stuff too.

Probably favourite of all was a visit to the snow.  It was the first snow experience for the three littlies which made it pretty special all round.  I built my first traditional snowman (I say 'I', though technically it was a family effort, but in my own special, centre-of-the-universe way, I claimed entire ownership of that thing - my family love me).  Alas, there were no sticks to be found (though we didn't, perhaps, cast a very wide net), which to my thinking that means I cannot completely cross this important task off my bucket list just yet *grins and rubs hands together*.  

Kids = indifferent to the snowman, though fascinated by his carrot nose.  More than one of them tried to remove/eat it.  Also, neither would wear sunglasses on the mountain, but were thrilled to pop them on once we left the snow :-D.  Yah.  *eyeroll*

 I also did some special baking so we would have yummy snacks while we were up there:

Some things never change.  Especially me.  I never change.  Or, at least my baking ability.  My baking ability never changes.  Glad I got that off my chest.


  1. HAHAHAH - I looked at that pic of the cinnamon rolls I was all "OMG - THEY LOOK DELICIOUS! Well done Stella!!" my tummy instantly started to roll! Then I scrolled down. lol!

    Your kids are cute, snow is awesome.

  2. Welcome back. You've not been the only one away so never fear. So nice to see some funny stella action.

  3. i woulda still eaten them, they look ok to me! love the pic of the kids in sunnies, they look like a comedy duo!

  4. HA! Best actual laughs so far this week. Centre of the universe personality + cinnamon scroll fail-ish. Hilarious.

  5. I have been up at the crack of dawn with my children after a very long and disturbed night with my children. Finally they have sat down are playing together with relative harmony - the perfect chance to me to brew a much needed coffee and read a snippet or two from some of my favorite blogs. Ha bloody ha - your 'cinnamon rolls' post will stay with me all day, as will the ginormous (and slightly caffeine induced) smile. Thanks for putting me back on track.