Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Meme For The Morning

Inspired by Kate & Deb, I thought I'd join in with Pip for the 'Taking Stock' meme.  I haven't uploaded any new photos lately so instead I am inserting photos from one year ago today, when we visited a pub in Samford, Brisbane, with my brother and his family.  

Making :  The hours count.
Cooking :  Loads of veges ripped from Mama's garden.
Drinking :  Karajoz Coffee.
Reading:  A Dance With Dragons

Wanting:  More time to write.
Looking:  Forward to Spring.
Playing:  The Cure.
Wasting:  Grapefruit.  Just noticed a bunch of them rotting in the fruit bowl (fact).
Sewing:  A cake topper (yes really!).

Wishing:  For a House Elf.
Enjoying:  Eating less sugar.
Waiting:  For parcels in the mail.
Liking:  Setting new challenges, and making progress with them.
Wondering:  If Eleanor will still be wanting a 'Pink Chimpunk' themed party, two months from now.

Loving:  Friends who encourage me.
Hoping:  For big, gigantic, overblown dreams to come true.
Marvelling: That my 18mo still only has six teeth.
Needing:  A good night's sleep.
Smelling:  Stormy air.

Wearing:  Er, right now?  Pajamas.

Following:  Threads on Twitter.  Finally getting the hang of that place.
Noticing:  That practicing patience is as simple as remembering to breathe properly.
Knowing:  That every step counts.
Thinking:  That Extra Active chewing gum loses its flavour all too fast.

Feeling:  Like G's days of breastfeeding are numbered, and a little sad about that too, but also, not.
Bookmarking:  Party ideas.  Always, party ideas.
Opening:  Exciting parcels.
Giggling:  At the random things that come out of my daughter's mouth, and the outlandish outfits she has started to choose.
Feeling: Focused.


  1. Hehee, pink chipmunks! Challenge!! That girls got style! x

  2. Gosh - I haven't done one of these posts n a while. So good for drawing a zillion ideas and feelings to the surface though :) You made me smile x