Thursday, August 1, 2013

Curvy Style Friday

As predicted, I have been getting a lot of wear out of these tights over the past few weeks.  Loving having an alternative to plain black!  I've also been alternating between chucks and gumboots.  Country gal.

Outfit Details: Scarf - Gifted, Cardigan - Glassons, Tee-shirt c/o nonfiction tees, Pendant - Gifted, Dress - Hand-me-down, Tights - Blackbird Tees, Chucks - Thrifted.

Loving this tee-shirt sent by nonfiction tees!  I have embraced layering this winter, and tee-shirts are often one of those layers.  This one is a fave.  Love the colour, love the design, perfect winter-wear.  And the pendant kinda ties in too well.  My inner geek shining through ;-)


  1. yay for inner geeks! you look fab :)

  2. Awesome Tee and leggings!!!! Love them both

  3. i love the tee-shirt so much! is the necklace a magnifying glass?