Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Here and Now

Do you sometimes feel like the internet is kindof the real world now?  That's where most of our communication seems to happen.  That's where we find news and share jokes and look at cat pictures.  That's the first place most of us head when we have new photos to share, or a moment of spare time to catch up on blog posts.

I'm so glad my kids have no idea what the internet is, and a huge part of me (okay, my entire self) wishes that they would never have to find out about it.  Their real world actually is the real world.  Dammit.  I wish I wasn't so hooked on the internet.  I want to fully participate that world again.  Instead, I snap pictures of them playing, and when I get home I load them up and share them here.

Oh dear, I've really depressed myself now.  Is this something you think about sometimes?  What are your thoughts?  Long live the not-internet, I say.


  1. all. the. time.

    I often mentally refer back to my life pre internet, such an obvious change. good and bad...

  2. I hear you on so many levels, I've been thinking so much about this lately. Although the internet and blogging has given me lots of opportunities and connections with other like minded people, I wonder what I've missed out on in "real life" xxx

  3. Im trying soooo hard not to get my three kids into the social media side of it...because that for me is the most addictive...who likes what....who made a comment about what...
    I just want them to have real friends in a real life world just for a while longer..until the inevitable.

  4. I am so with you on that, I have actually been feeling sort of over the internet lately, the hours that I spend reading/looking at stuff when I could be just chilling out or making stuff myself. It's great for some things but definitely need a balance between real life and life on the net :)

  5. Agree. My problem is reading too many blogs in the evening. Now i only read when i feed (as of two days ago!) and this whole world of evenings to do cool stuff or sleep! when the kids are asleep has opened up! I do find blogging helpful as i would hardly ever get my camera out otherwise and i'm so pleased with some of the photos i've taken this year. As with everything its all about moderation (or feast-famine, feast-famine in my case) x

  6. I had coffee with a friend today who DOESNT HAVE THE INTERNET! BY CHOICE! not even a smart phone for emails or taking photos! Its a decision her and husband made when they started their family (2 little kiddies).

    and you know what. You guessed it. She probably has the realest conversations and friendships that i've ever know. I'm completely jealous of her.

  7. Love you. Don't stress.
    It's hard to get balance, I find. The internets are pretty fun. But I'm trying to not feel 'obligated' to read blogs, write my own, and to be up to date with EVERYTHING EVERYONE EVER DID.
    ps. Must PM you about skype date. I've had a more 'lo-fi' idea ;)

  8. Oh i hear you Stella, I wrote a comment when I first read this but it didnt post from my phone... darn technology! lol.
    I wish I wasn't so hooked either. Step by step I am backing away, but I have made some pretty amazing in real life friends through blogging/social media.
    Now we have returned to NZ I really need to disconnect to make some real connections in our local community.