Sunday, August 25, 2013

Travel Part - Food!

I'm super lucky to have such a talented cake makin' friend, who is able to make or bake anything we dream up.  Mini burgers (with handmade buns), hot air balloon cookies, and she even made a batch of super cute globe cake pops.

It's become a tradition for Alice and me to serve the following three things at every party: Fruit kebabs, soda water with lemon, and hummus with sliced veges.  Simple ways to cut down on sugar.  Mini pancakes are fast becoming a fave too, these were served with banana and lemon curd - yum!  Decorated with these adorable Mini Pinwheels from Pop Roc Parties.

I luuuuurve children's party food.  Cake pops, srsly.

Okay, I'll be wrapping up this series shortly with a post that includes all the printables you see here, and a couple of extras, free for download.  I also have a pretty exciting semi-tie-in giveaway coming up in a few weeks time too.  And then I better start getting things ready for our own upcoming birthday celebrations x

Travel Party - Decor
Travel Party - Games


  1. loving those hot air balloon cookies! xx

  2. i still cant get over how amazing those "world" cake pops are! Isnt she just amazing

  3. awesome! I'm hungry for mini burgers now

  4. I'm a huge kids' party fan and I love, love, love your travel party. Great theme and gorgeous party, Stella. You are one cool mumma. x