Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Travel Party - Games

With young guests, we kept games pretty simple.

Pass the parcel is still a fave.  We made our parcel look like a mailed parcel by adding an address (fake - fyi) and some vintage stamps.  If you don't have your own collection of stamps, you can buy big bags of these on Trademe or Ebay for relatively cheap, and stash them away for various projects.  Stamp bunting is another fun decorative idea...

Alice had the brainwave to create hot air balloons, using helium filled balloons attached to cupcake cases.  Ours were filled with popcorn and once that was devoured the littlies were allowed to take their balloons and release them into the sky.  Great fun.

For older kids a treasure hunt would provide some fun entertainment.  You could leave the clues in vintage envelopes, another excuse to use those vintage stamps!  Walnut boat races are another easy party activity, or you could save a bunch of boxes and let them create their own vehicles with sharpie pens.

If all else fails, don't forget how much fun they will get out of the vintage toys you decorate the table with!

Travel Party - Decor here.

Next time: Party food...


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